South Eastern Hills Model Yacht Club

Pound Road off Paris Creek Road between Meadows and Strathalbyn

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Radio Yacht Classes

The club accepts a variety of classes within our membership, Below are some descriptions of the various classes of yachts.



These boats are light, responsive and very fast. This international class rule is ‘open’ allowing great design and construction freedom within the main speed determining parameters restricted to 1290mm length, 700mm draught and 0.5161 square metres of measured sail. Ultimate efficiency and excellent performance has developed within these simple limits.

Current hull designs are very narrow with stability coming largely from the deep fins. This has allowed most post-1991 designs to remain competitive and give very close racing. Simple swing rigs allow some designs to be rigged very easily. Based on the width of the back seat of a car, the rule makes these boats easy to transport. Second hand boats are good value for money.


A Class

Although these boats are of a heavy ‘type’, there is more flexibility to create lighter ‘models’. Nevertheless they are big boats and a fleet of radio ‘A’ boats are an impressive and awesome sight! Boats are typically 2 metres long, weigh between 14 and 25kg, carry about one square metre of sail and enjoy a long competitive life.


 Ten Rater

These boats are not limited in length and have overhangs beyond their waterline making them light, sleek, seaworthy and fast. This ISAF RSD international rule is based on the 1887 ‘length and sail area rule’ which allows short waterline length boats to have a big sail area and longer waterline length boats have smaller sails. It is an ‘open’ rule with great freedom to develop design and construction, particularly in rigs and sail plans. Any boat can be measured as a 10 Rater and several Marbleheads have been successful in the class by conversion with just one larger rig giving 40% extra sail area. A typical 10 Rater is approximately 1600mm long, weighs 6kg and carries one square metre of sail.


International One Metre

These boats are light, responsive and fun to sail. This is the most popular of the four international classes and is sailed at most  clubs. The class rule is ‘closed’ and many aspects of design, materials and construction are restricted in an attempt to promote close competition. However the rule is designed to allow the DIY enthusiast some freedom to construct an inexpensive and competitive boat. The important speed related criteria restrict measurements to a maximum length of 1000mm, a maximum draft of 420mm, a maximum fin/bulb weight of 2.5 kg, a minimum overall weight of 4kg and 3 prescribed rigs.


Micro Magic

he Micro Magic is a small radio controlled sailing yacht, manufactured in Germany and based on the design of trans-Atlantic racing yachts.

Owing to the close, exciting racing coupled with the superb value for money, the Micro Magic has enjoyed an explosion of popularity in Germany, Holland, France, Spain and Switzerland and recently boats are being raced here in Australia, UK, Canada and the USA.

With a typical on the water cost, including radio equipment, of less than $300.00  the MM makes both a fantastic entry boat and a high- performance class racer